ExTe is the world's leading manufacturer of timber bunks and automatic tensioners for the safe transport of timber by road or rail. ExTe is considered the     benchmark of these transportation systems.

Alucar is primarily a superstructure builder of timber trucks with an emphasis on high quality products for timber transportation. Alucar also produces aluminium subframe systems throughout the world.

Autonordic markets and delivers manual tensioners and webbings, along with lashing fixtures of the highest quality, all of which have been tested fot tensile strength.

Gripen has around 70 different models of grapples all of which are relatively light. These grappels have a larger grip width, therefore extra lifting capabilities and can get more done in a shorter amount of time.

Svetruck produce forklifts that allow the operator to perform work involving efficient material handling in demanding environments in the best possible way.

About us

Cargo handling, it runs within us.

Cissonio was formed to provide cargo solutions for companies that are seeking products of prime quality, that improves their transportation economy and above all provides a form of safety second to none.

Our product range includes some of the worlds leading transportation solutions in terms of timber bunks, truck modifications and automatic tensioners for the safety and profitability of transportation by road or rail.

This allows us to specialise in equipment in various ranges to meet our customers needs in whichever way possible.

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