ExTe - D Series

Combination of high-strengh steel and aluminium.


The D Series is the Strongest, lightest combination bunks ever. With frames in the new high-strength steel and aluminum stakes the products contribute to both improved traffic safety and more profitable timber transport for haulers.

D-bunks give hauliers unlimited opportunity to select just the right bunk for the job, from the easily handled 5 tonne bunks to the robust and extremely heavy-duty 10 tonne variants.

Unique combination attachment.

The newly designed attachment is a combined friction/clamp fitting. The attachment is unique and fitted with a fastener that that makes drilling the frame unnecessary.

The upper bracket and installation plate on each bunk are optimized to maximize weight savings.

Prepared for tensioners and automatic release.

ExTe TU and Luftman tensioners are fitted using a smart attachment underneath the frame. The attachment is fitted in pre-drilled holes. The release machanism is also fitted directly to frame for easy access.

The Available in: 5, 7 and ton loading capacity.