ExTe is the world's leading manufacturer of timber bunks and automatic tensioners for the safe transport of timber by road or rail. ExTe is considered the     benchmark of these transportation systems.

For more than a hundred years, ExTe have been successfully developing and delivering products for safe cargo securing. They select systematic design and production solutions that produce maximum safety in the function.

ExTe has the market’s broadest product range by far and can meet every demand. Progress that never compromises on safety is the very best warranty.


All products undergo rigorous testing programs on the test bench and in practical operation before they are released on the market. In many countries, the demands ExTe put onither products have set the standard and been adopted as norms for how safe bunks should be designed.

ExTe products regularly undergo stringent testing. This means The complete bunk has been tested to its maximum load and breaking point.


All of ExTe’s stanchion and bunk designs fulfill TSI requirements regarding high strength stanchions and side mounted stanchions

ExTe Quality

By using high quality materials ExTe products have a longer life expectation than comparable market products. Additionally the combination of steel and aluminum allows for increased loads of transport and cuts transportation costs while safely transporting your cargo.

ExTe is certified according to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 3834-2 and DIN 15085-2 and has established several internal processes to secure a high and consistent quality.

Throughout the years, ExTe has globally delivered more than 270,000 timber bunks for Roadway and Railway.

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